U sjećanje na Bojana In ricordo di Bojan Bojanu v slovo A farewell to Bojan A farewell to Bojan A farewell to Bojan Bojanu v slovo A farewell to Bojan Bojanu v slovo A farewell to Bojan U sjećanje na Bojana A Bojanu v slovo A farewell to Bojan A farewell to Bojan A farewell to Bojan Bojanu v slovo A farewell to Bojan Bojanu v slovo A farewell to Bojan

He loved the purple sun, descending from the evening skies and sinking into the Dalmatian sea. Now, at summer’s threshold, when the skies above the Adriatic are aglow with light, he had to leave the ancient sighs of powerful waters, leave the sun-kissed and wind-blown waves. Only timid cries of seagulls escape the silence’s calm now, while distant masts stare mournfully and say nothing.


He loved the mighty hill, Jošt above Kranj, enveloped in peaceful silence, facing the blue skies. He admired its upright trees and the rustle of their leaves, and knew how to listen to the silence of grass. Still, his dreams were from up above and could fly farther and gentler. The birds and clouds above Jošt will now sing and glide without him.


59 years have passed since he was born into the Nikitovič family in Ljubljana. Brother Duško and sisters Jelica and Nadja made his early years even brighter and more cheerful. Sadly, Nadja was laid to rest as long as 17 years ago and many tears were spilt over her early grave. In that infinitely mysterious noplace – an enigma never fully resolved – mother joined her soon.


Bojan’s father was a renowned expert in the Yugoslavian area and hence well-travelled across the towns of the former common motherland – this made the entire family to become migratory birds. They finally settled – father and brother even for good – on the Adriatic coast, in the town of Zadar.


Zadar was more than a refuge, more than a mere roof over their heads, more than a place where you take the first chance to escape from. The town, the people, the smell of the sea and all of Dalmatia became the love of their lives, a love that never went of date and never failed.


Not even 20 years of age, Bojan, who went by the name Valdi in that town so very dear to him, nevertheless set back to his home town of Ljubljana. A further reason for his remaining in the Slovene capital was a girl – the shapely young Ljubljana-born Jana. Life’s greatest happiness is to love and be loved. Love has always been and will for ever remain the measure of human greatness.


They were blessed with two sons, Edi and Dejan. Bojan thus became the father for all occasions and for each occasion separately. He was there when they stumbled to walk, he encouraged them when they threw their first hoops, but most of all he cared and taught them the value of courtesy and compassion. Even when they grew up, they knew he was close by, somewhere at the other end of the line, always to be found.


He took his first professional post in Zagreb’s Nikola Tesla factory, and later went to work for Ljubljana’s Intertrade – IBM, where he stayed the longest. In his mature years, he founded a company together with his son, an interesting and dynamic undertaking, linked with many events and expertise of various people around the world.


As years went by and his hair came to turn gray, he became a grandfather too. Tilen, Jaka and the 3-month-old Sara, who will have no memory of him, created a world to him that he had all but forgotten. Tirelessly they whispered their dreams into his ear and rested weary on his shoulder as day turned into night. Playing football with them, he became the same age as them and assumed the playful character of a child, becoming infinitely cheerful.


Bojan was a man of spontaneous generosity, who never knew how to enforce that pragmatic rule of give and take. He trusted people and – simply – loved them. His relationship with wife Jana became ever more complete over the years, brimming with content and fidelity, and tirelessly tackling life’s problems as they came along.


37 years of a life lived together, and as many of true friendship, changed nothing; his hand in hers – just as wanted, warm and kind as ever. In the house of hope, a myriad of beds and white sheets facing the hospital walls. Among them a familiar face – beloved, pale, calm and eternal.


In memoriam, all his loved ones, who will miss him very much.